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Motor energy efficiency in the industrial field each increase of one percentage point, the annual savings of 26000000000 kwh of electricity. By promoting efficient motor and the motor system for energy saving, can improve the efficiency of the motor system from the overall 8 to 5 percentage points

Recently, Jixi Tak Yuan Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., chairman Jiang Deyuan filled with joy from the mechanical industry energy saving and resource utilization director Cai Weici, director of the steering committee of the hands over the "energy-saving mechanical and electrical equipment (products) recommended directory (Fifth Batch)" certificate.

“ this is a high degree of recognition of the YJ3 high efficiency three phase stepping motor for Jixi's German electric appliance. ” Jiang Deyuan told the Economic Daily reporters, according to the experimental data, the use of new equipment investment costs, will be in two years to save electricity can be back to the way. In the next period of time enterprises can enjoy the long-term benefits of new equipment. If taking into account the contribution of energy saving and emission reduction, the significance of the new device is more obvious.

As the key energy consuming unit in the field of industry, mechanical and electrical equipment plays an important role in the implementation of the conservation of resources in China. Electric power consumption of mechanical and electrical products, such as motor, transformer, electric welding machine, electric furnace, etc..

Take motor as an example, the motor energy efficiency in the industrial field is increased by one percentage point, while the annual savings of 26000000000 kwh of electricity can be saved. By promoting efficient motor, eliminating the use of low efficiency motors, low efficiency motors, and high efficiency, as well as the motor system according to its load characteristics and operating conditions for energy saving, can improve the efficiency of the motor system from 8 to 5 percentage points, the annual power generation capacity of 130000000000 to 230000000000 kWh, equivalent to two or three of the Three Gorges power station.

2014, the Ministry of industry and information technology to actively promote the implementation of special funds or the use of existing funds to support the transformation of the motor system, supporting a number of demonstration projects. The Ministry of energy efficiency improvement plan for the next 3 years, one of the important tasks in the field of industrial energy conservation and emission reduction. According to the Ministry of industry has been a clear plan, the next 3 years to promote efficient motor 170000000 kilowatts, the implementation of the motor system energy saving 100000000 kilowatts. Based on this estimate, the demand for high efficiency motors and related equipment is close to 100 billion yuan.

“ 2015, with the size of the base increase, the difficulty of the machinery industry to achieve growth will increase. Coupled with the changes in the structure of demand and upgrade, incremental leading to the stock of leading factors, such as the stock market, the market will continue to force the transformation and upgrading of the industry will continue to increase. ” Cai Weici said that in the face of the current severe challenges, machinery industry enterprises need to explore and adjust the level of industrial structure and business model, will be based on the point of view to rely on energy-saving emission reduction technology to support industrial innovation and development direction.

In this regard, he suggested that through the establishment of recommended and eliminated directory, boost industry product structure optimization, through energy-saving technical standards, energy-saving emission reduction technology promotion, accelerate the industrial structure upgrading; through the application of advanced energy-saving technology and equipment, improve product design, manufacturing and other links of energy utilization, the full promotion of energy-saving emission reduction, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading.

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