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Accelerating the pace of new energy ice breaking is still a

Today, pure electric vehicle has been developed from the original mode of electric power to charge mode, and from slow charge to develop to the fast charge, closer to customer needs, but also closer to the market. But the major electric car prices in the battery performance, specifications and other aspects are not uniform, and even a big gap. To slow charge, for example, Tesla is a kind of special Wallmount adapter; BYD Daimler New Technology Co., Ltd. is the use of ABB DC fast charger and invented super charging tower; BMW is selection and cooperation Schneider. In short, the car enterprises system.

As a result, the technical standards are not unified into a problem in the electric car charging facilities market promotion. If the use of its own voltage standards do not match the charging device, even if it can charge, will also affect the life of the car. It is understood that the majority of the car companies themselves involved in the design of the charging pile, but also more than other brands of electric vehicles. Therefore, although some of the first tier cities have begun to build a new energy automotive facilities, but if you want a large area, it is not easy.

“ current, voltage and other related standards and the lack of standards, is still the main weak link in the promotion and application of electric vehicles, to the next step in the development of electric vehicles and charging facilities unified planning has brought a lot of difficulties. ” perhaps, only to solve this problem, the new energy vehicles to run faster and farther.

Lack of charging facilities

As we all know, charging piles as the most important supporting facilities, and its improvement and promotion will directly determine whether the new energy vehicles can be fully rolled out. And the lack of current charging facilities, has become China's new energy vehicles to promote the urgent need to solve the problem.

Take Beijing city as an example, in Beijing city electric vehicle charging for electric management service platform, showing that the public is open to charging piles is quite sparse. In 16 counties, not only Dongcheng, Xicheng two core areas without public charging pile, Mentougou, Pinggu, Huairou, Miyun, Yanqing and public charging pile blank area. Charging network is relatively more of Haidian District, Chaoyang District and Fengtai District, respectively, 10, 7 and 5 rechargeable network, most of the car 4S shop, the location is mostly in the rings.

According to the plan, Beijing will be completed before the end of 2014 1000 fast charging pile construction, the initial completion of the five rings within 5 km radius of the fast charging network. But over the past six months in the past, in addition to the 4S store charging piles, other public areas rarely charging piles open to the public. In the face of the charging problem, Beiqi New Energy Company will set up a special charge division to explore countermeasures.

One of the two

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